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Hop Culture

The hop plant is native to Europe, Asia, and North America. The first cultivation of hops in 736 A.D. can be tracked to South Central Europe, presently in the areas of Bohemia, Slovenia, and Bavaria.

The secret to the wonderful flavors in beer is the hop plant’s flower, called a cone. It resembles a pine cone in structure and shape, but the hop cone is smaller in size, and soft, with delicate light petals. A ripe cone is golden-green in color with bright yellow resin glands, called lupulin near its core. In addition to providing beer’s pleasant bitter flavor and aroma, it also enhances its clarity, foam stability and is a natural preservative.

Hop farming is a fascinating and unique agricultural crop. This site provides you with pictures and descriptions of the different cultural practices used in commercial hop production, as well as information about growing hops in the home garden. Enjoy!


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