Oregon Hop Commission

Oregon Hop Commission - Brewing hops for the beer industry


January 17-20, 2017
Bend, Oregon

Founded in 1964, the Oregon Hop Commission (OHC) is dedicated to enhancing the Oregon hop industry by expanding opportunities for growth through research, education and promotion.  In order to maintain economic stability of hop production in Oregon, the main objective of the OHC is to provide sufficient research through agricultural and financial evaluations.  The commission is completely grower-funded and is facilitated by seven growers, one dealer/handler, and one public member.  The continued success and progress of Oregon grown hops is a direct result of the efforts of the OHC.

2015-2016 Oregon Hop Commission Board

Grower Position #1 – Jeff Bizon, Stauffer Farms, Hubbard, OR

Grower Position #2 – Brandon Davidson, Lone Oak Hop Farm, Woodburn, OR

Grower Position #3 – Fred Geschwill, F & B Farms, Woodburn, OR

Grower Position #4 – Gayle Goschie, Goschie Farms, Silverton, OR

Grower Position #5 – Blake Crosby, Crosby Hop Farm, LLC, Woodburn, OR

Grower Position #6 – Bryan Thoet, Coleman Agriculture, St. Paul, OR

Grower Position #7 – Paul Fobert, Heritage Hop Farms, Hubbard, OR

Dealer Handler Position – Bill Delema, John I Haas, Hubbard, OR

Public Member Position – Craig Vachter, Marion Ag Service, St. Paul, OR


2015-2016 OHC Officers

Commission Chair - Paul Fobert

Commission Vice Chair – Blake Crosby

Secretary/Treasurer – Brandon Davidson


2015-2016 U.S. Hop Industry Board Representatives

Hop Growers of America Board Oregon Representatives: Blake Crosby and Bryan Thoet

Hop Research Council Oregon Representative: Fred Geschwill

United States Hop Industry Plant Protection Committee Representatives: Paul Fobert and Cheyne Fobert

National Clean Plant Network – Hops Oregon Representative – Gayle Goschie