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Hop Quarantine

Quarantine Against Powdery Mildew of Hops

Quarantine Against Powdery Mildew of Hops

(1) Establishing Quarantine: A quarantine is established against the powdery mildew disease of hops caused by the fungus Sphaerotheca humuli (DC.) Burr. (=S. macularis (Wallre ex Fr.)).

(2) Area Under Quarantine: All states and districts of the United States, except the states of Washington and Idaho.

(3) Commodities Covered: Plants and all plant parts of hops, Humulus lupulus, excepting kiln dried cones of hops are prohibited entry into this state directly, indirectly, diverted or reconsigned. Used bale coverings and any other articles or equipment that could transmit spores or other infections material.

(4) Conditions: Covered commodities from the area under quarantine are prohibited.

(5) Director's Exemptions: Persons wishing to import covered commodities from the area under quarantine must apply in writing for a Director's Exemption as authorized by OAR 603-052-1020. Applications for Director's Exemptions must list the prospective buyer and seller, the number, the origin of stock, location of proposed planting site; and any other relevant information. Director's Exemptions, when granted, will list required safeguards to prevent disease establishment.

(6) Disposition of Commodities in Violation of the Quarantine: All covered commodities described in section (3) of this rule found to be in violation of this quarantine shall be returned immediately to point of origin by the Oregon receiver, or at the receiver's option be destroyed under the supervision of the Oregon Department of Agriculture without expense to or indemnity paid by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Stat. Authority: ORS Ch. 561 & 570.305

Stats. Implemented: ORS 561.190, 561.510 - 600 & 570.305

Effective June 4, 1999


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