Oregon Hop Variety: Cascade

Pedigree: Open pollination of a Fuggle seedling selected in 1956.

Maturity: Medium to Medium late

Yield: 1800 – 2200 lbs/acre

Growth Habit: Good

Disease Reaction: Downy mildew resistant in crown, moderately susceptible in shoots and cone flowers. Moderately resistant to Verticillium wilt. \

Cone Structure: Compact, medium sized

Quality Averages:

  • Lupulin: Moderate amount, yellow color
  • Aroma: Pleasant, flowery, and spicy
Alpha acids: 6.2% Beta acids: 5.0%
Co-Humulone: 33-36% Storage (% lost): 48%
Oil Content (ml/100g): 1.27 Humulene (% in oin): 13%
Caryophyllene: 4.5% Farnesene: 6%

General Trade Perception: Highly regarded in the craft brewing industry.


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